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Software development

In 2009, the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the KIT in Karlsruhe initiated the formation of a compound platform (ComPlat). 
The platform has been installed to support chemists in their efforts to collect, store and share compounds that have been prepared in various projects. While there are various compound facilities around the world that store and distribute selected drug-like compounds, we installed the ComPlat with the aim to handle all (stable) compounds of our academic projects to achieve three main aims: 

   1. Establish a standardized storage of reference compounds
   2. Offer the compounds for academic screening initiatives
   3. Provide compounds for academic work in fields of research other than high-throughput
       screening, such as materials science and biology.


In recent years, the compound platform has been expanded to include activities in the field of software programming. The aim is to provide scientists with tools that allow efficient data management and thus also secure research data from chemical research projects.  
The flagship projects of the software development group at the KIT are:

   1. An electronic lab notebook (ELN) for chemists, the chemotion-ELN
   2. A repository for research data that enables the disclosure of molecule centered (analytical)
       data and reaction based information

Further projects like a spectra viewer for analytical data (ChemSpectra) and an extraction tool for information on chemical reactions (ChemScanner) are developed at the compound platform to serve as helper tools for chemistry research.