Institute of Biological and Chemical Systems - Functional Molecular Systems


Former Master students, PhD students, Postdocs

Dr Yangxin Wang
Postdoc November 2018–November 2019
Now: Associate Professor at Nanjing Tech University, China
Dr Enrico Miceli
Postdoc February 2018–March 2019
Now at DIN CERTCO, Berlin, Germany
Dr Dao Le
Postdoc (AvH Fellow) January 2017–February 2019
Now: Postdoc in the group of Dr Jutta Rieger, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
Dr Divya Varadharajan
PhD student February 2015–July 2018
Now: Group Leader in the group of Prof. J. Lahann, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
Ms. Friederike Wagner
Master Thesis January–July 2018
Now: Good laboratory practice study director at CIP Chemisches Institut Pforzheim GmbH, Pforzheim, Germany
Dr Gabriela Gil Alvaradejo
PhD student November 2014–April 2018
Now: Development Chemist at Dynea, Lillestrøm, Norway
Ms. Shamini Madhava
Master Thesis March–September 2017
Now: Research and Development in the industry, Germany
Mr. Edgar Molle
Master Thesis February–September 2017
Now: PhD student with Prof. P. Théato, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
Ms. Arijeta Osmani
Master Thesis March–September 2017
Now: Research and Development at Tesa SE, Heidelberg, Germany

Dr Dominic Keller
PhD student March 2014–July 2017
Now: Project Manager at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Germany

Dr Tanja Claus
PhD student November 2013–April 2017
Now: ‎Material Developer at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Germany

Dr Hatice Turgut
PhD student July 2013–December 2016
Now: Research and Development Chemist at Dow Silicones, Seneffe, Belgium

Dr Shivshankar Mane
Postdoc April–December 2016
Now: Project Scientist at CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India

Mr. Tobias Nitsche
Vertiefungspraktikum 2015 + Master Thesis 2016
Now: PhD student with Prof. C. Barner-Kowollik at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Dr Ana Beloqui Elizazu
Postdoc February 2014–August 2016
Now: Ikerbasque Research Fellow at POLYMAT, San Sebastian, Spain

Mr. Aaron C. Schmidt
Vertiefungspraktikum 2015 + Master Thesis 2015–2016
Now: PhD student with Prof. J.-C. Leroux at ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland


Former Bachelor students, Summer students, assistants, etc.

Ms. Meryem S. Akdemir (KIT, Assistant July 2018–January 2019; now PhD student; now PhD student in Théato group)

Ms. Tenille Herd (QUT, Brisbane, AUS; Visiting PhD student September–December 2018)

Ms. Caroline Watt (Ohio State University, Columbus, USA; Summer student May–August 2018)

Mr. Lin-Chiang Wang (Tsing Hua University, Taipei; Visiting PhD student Mai 2017–June 2018)

Mr. Stefan Frech (KIT, Vertiefungspraktikant January–April 2018; now PhD student in Théato group)

Mr. Christian Hald (KIT, Vertiefungspraktikant October 2017-January 2018)

Mr. Andreas Butzelaar (KIT, Vertiefungspraktikant October 2017-January 2018; now PhD student in Théato group)

Ms. Pénélope Desroys du Roure (ENSCM, Montpellier, France; Summer student May–July 2017)

Mr. Rémi Canterel (Polytech’Paris 6, Paris, France; Summer student June–August 2016; now PhD student at C2P2, Lyon, France)

Ms. Sarina-Lena Heck (KIT, Assistant June 2016)

Ms. Ziwei Zhang (KIT, Assistant November 2014–April 2015; now PhD student at University of Tübingen)