General description
LabIMotion is a software that was built as a generic extension of the established Software Chemotion-ELN. LabIMotion was developed at KIT in the institute IBCS-FMS and was funded by the research data management initiative ExU-RDM at KIT. 

Origin of LabIMotion ELN
The software development team at IBCS-FMS is developing with many other developers and scientists in Germany the electronic lab notebook Chemotion ELN. This development was included to the strategic projects of the National Research Data Infrastructure NFDI4Chem in 2019. The functions of Chemotion ELN are specifically designed  for chemistry purposes. Many requests with respect to the use of the software in other disciplines were not covered, therefore, its use was recommended for chemists only. During the last years, the direct need for ELN software in other disciplines was expressed at KIT in particular from scientists in engineering, natural sciences and materials sciences. The project LabIMotion ELN was started to offer solutions for those scientists. The development team at IBCS extended Chemotion ELN in a generic manner to allow its use by other disciplines.

Current status, improvements and options
LabIMotion ELN extends the software Chemotion ELN systematically with respect to functions and available modules. The extension allows to use the ELN software either with or without chemistry functionality. The most important change that comes with the implementation of LabIMotion ELN is the option to design new modules which can be adapted to the needs of the scientists. The modules can be connected to each other and therefore, a clear assignment of materials and samples to processes and workflows can be gained. The functions of LabIMotion are described on the documentation page of our software development team: